Amaro Montenegro | One Spirit, Endless Possibilities


Our story begins in Bologna, Italy in 1885 where Amaro Montenegro was created by Stanisalo Cobianchi. A curious and rebellious character, Stanislao abandoned his family’s wish for him to pursue a religious career and instead embarked on an adventure traveling the world.

On his journey, Stanislao collected the world’s finest botanicals to create a beautifully balanced amaro. Upon returning home to Bologna, he established the Cobianchi Stanislao Steam Distillery, where he continued to cultivate his craft of alchemy. Following years of experiments, the alchemist succeeded and Elisir Lungavita (elixir of life) was born.

The Meaning Behind the Name

A Royal Tribute

11 years after Stanislao created Elisir Lungavita (or elixir of life), the beautiful Princess Elena of Montenegro married Prince Victor Emmanuel III and would soon become the Queen of Italy. Stanislao chose to mark this momentous occasion by renaming his elixir of life after this enchanting beauty and changed the name to what we know today as Amaro Montenegro.  An amaro born from adventure, nurtured through passion and perfection, and named in dedication to true beauty.

A Symbol of Alchemy

Our Iconic Bottle

The unmistakable shape of the Amaro Montenegro bottle is not to be overlooked. Our Founder Stanislao Cobianchi wanted to create a bottle as unique as the elixir it contains. This called for something different, something distinct. And thus, our iconic bottle was born.  Although revisited over the years, it has and will always have its distinctive vial characteristic, reminiscent of a potion conjured through alchemy.

The Botanicals

A Closely Guarded Secret

The quality of ingredients determines the quality of the finished product. Amaro Montenegro is made from 40 botanicals, including spices, dried fruits, roots, seeds, bark, citrus peels, flowers and species of wood sourced from around the world.

Of these 40 botanicals, only 13 are revealed and are categorized into 3 different aroma profiles: citrus, spice, and herbal. The perfect combination of these botanicals is what gives Amaro Montenegro its complex, yet well-balanced flavor. 

The Process

Essence of Flavor

After the botanicals are boiled, macerated, and distilled, 12 unique essences remain. These essences then undergo a delicate blending process performed by our Master Herbalist to create the 6 notes of Amaro Montenegro. These 6 notes are the pillars of the flavor, serving as the foundation of Amaro Montenegro’s taste profile.

IL Premio

The Final Step

The final, and most important stage of production, is the addition of the very last secret ingredient, called the Premio. The Premio, or Prize in Italian, is the result of a micro-distillation of 5 botanicals, and is so potent and powerful, that for every 15,000 liters of Amaro Montenegro, only 1 liter of Premio is required.